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Car Key Replacement & Programming

Lost Your Car Key? Need Key Programming?

Car Key Replacement Services St Louis 

We specializes in car key replacement when you’ve lost keys. Your trusted locksmith can assist you with key copy as well so you can avoid future locked out of car situations.  Our 24 hour locksmith has all the tools needed to complete the job onsite, no waiting. We even offer car key replacement for older car models from the 1980’s and 1970’s.

If you have a classic car, exotic car or performance car, don’t hesitate to call us! Our car locksmith technicians are skilled in assessing the best car key replacement and lock system for these unique car classes.

All parts and services are backed by a 90 day warranty for which our emergency locksmith experts are readily available for any locksmith request in the St Louis MO area. Call us at where our car locksmith can assist you!



Car Key Duplication for Ignitions and Doors

Key duplication for ignitions and doors is an important service that local locksmiths in St Louis offer. Our experienced technicians are skilled at providing key duplication services for all types of cars. We can provide you with a basic car key duplication service to get you back on the road quickly, as well as more complex key duplication services for older cars and exotics.



Programming Transponder Car Keys

Transponder car keys are a type of modern automotive keys that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to provide additional security for your car. The transponder key chip is embedded within the head of the key and if it is not programmed into your car, then your car will not start. Our St Louis locksmiths can provide quick programming of your transponder car keys to get you back on the road.



Cutting and Programming Laser Cut Car Keys

Laser Cut Keys & Cutting and Programming

At St Louis Lock & Door, we offer a wide range of laser cut keys services. Our highly experienced technicians are experienced in laser cut key cutting, programming and replacement. We provide a variety of laser keys for all types of cars including luxury vehicles and exotics.

Our laser cut keys are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also very secure and provide an extra layer of protection for your car. We can have your laser cut key programmed to the specific make and model of your car.



Rekey RV Automotive Locks

Rekeying RV automotive locks is a popular locksmithing service as it can be done quickly and easily to provide an extra layer of security for your recreational vehicle. Our experienced locksmiths can provide RV rekeying services for any make or model of recreational vehicle, from motorhomes to campers and travel trailers. We use the latest key cutting and rekeying technology to ensure that your vehicle is secure no matter where you go. Our RV rekeying services include rekeying all of your vehicle’s locks, including doors, trunk and ignition.



VAT System Keys

VAT keys offer an extra layer of security for your car or vehicle. They are designed to be difficult to replicate or pick so that only the owner can gain access to their vehicle. At St Louis Lock & Door, our experienced locksmiths specialize in creating and programming VAT keys for a variety of car models and makes. We use the latest key cutting technology to ensure that your new VAT system key fits perfectly in your car’s ignition and is programmed correctly. Our locksmiths can provide VAT system key duplication services as well so you have a spare in case you ever need it.


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