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St Louis Door & Lock secures the communities with change locks services. We are strongly recommends you to change locks when moving into a new home or apartment. As your trusted locksmith in St louis, our priority is not only offering quality and reputable locksmith services, but to ensure that you are aware of effective crime prevention methods.

We offers onsite change locks and various residential locksmith services like rekey locks and key duplication or replacement. Our residential locksmith teams can also change locks on sliding doors, side or patio doors and storage units.


When to Change Locks:

  • Change locks when moving into a new home or apartment
  • Replace locks if you switched roommates
  • Regularly change locks to keep up with the latest technology in high-grade locking systems 
  • Change sliding door locks if you’ve lost keys or have had unauthorized entries in your property  
  • Replace all existing door lock cylinders for extra protection against key duplication and theft 
  • Change locks when you have an airbnb visitors or tenants staying in your property
  • Change locks when certain doors become loose and malfunctioning over time 
  • Replace all existing door lock cylinders every few years for enhanced security and safety 
  • Change locks after a break-in, even if your lock is not broken, it is still a good idea to change it
  • Change locks if you gave a key to a cleaning staff or babysitter who are no longer work for you.

When it comes to locks and their varying levels of security, everyone needs to be aware of the different types of locks out there and the ways to fix them in case something breaks or needs replacing. There are four common lock’s categories being used today – mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, and biometric locks.

Mechanical Locks are the oldest and most basic type of lock. These locks do not require any power source to work, so they tend to be quite secure. They can also be easily replaced if something goes wrong with them or if you need a new key for them.

Electromechanical Locks are slightly more complex than mechanical locks, as they use electricity to operate. This type of lock is usually found in commercial buildings, office doors, and other places where access needs to be restricted. If a problem arises with an electromechanical lock, it can often be fixed quickly by an experienced locksmith.

Electronic Locks are the most modern type of lock out there – they use a variety of technologies to operate, such as magnetic cards, RFID chips, and biometric identifiers. This type of lock is often found in higher-security areas such as government buildings or banks. If something goes wrong with an electronic lock, it can usually be fixed quickly by a locksmith who knows how to work with the relevant technology.

Biometric Locks are the most secure type of lock, as they require a unique biometric identifier (e.g. fingerprint) to unlock them. This type of lock is not as common as some other types, but it can be found in high-security areas such as military bases or government buildings. If something goes wrong with a biometric lock, it can usually be fixed quickly by a locksmith who is familiar with the technology.

At St Louis Lock & Door, we are experienced in all types of locks and we have the necessary tools to fix any issue that may arise. Whether you need assistance replacing or repairing a mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, or biometric lock, our team is here to help. Give us a call and one of our expert locksmiths will arrive at your location in 30 minutes. With our years of experience and modern tools, you can rest assured that we will provide you with fast, efficient service and reliable results.

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