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St Louis Door & Lock secures the communities with change locks services. We are strongly recommends you to change locks when moving into a new home or apartment. As your trusted locksmith in St louis, our priority is not only offering quality and reputable locksmith services, but to ensure that you are aware of effective crime prevention methods.


We offers onsite change locks and various residential locksmith services like rekey locks and key duplication or replacement. Our residential locksmith teams can also change locks on sliding doors, side or patio doors and storage units.


When to Change Locks:

  • You had a break-in, even if your lock is not damaged it is a good idea to change your locks
  • You moved into a new home or apartment
  • You changed roommates, gave your key to a nanny or cleaning personnel who no longer works for you
  • Your locks are hard to turn, key is getting stuck or there is dirt and grime coming out of the locks

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