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Rekeying Door Locks

When it comes to the security of your property, rekeying locks is a great option that is both cost-efficient, fa and efficient. With rekeying, the existing locks remain intact, but the internal pins and springs are changed to match a new key. This process prevents access with the old key and eliminates the need for purchasing and installing new locks. Residents of St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas can rely on us to residential and commercial lock rekey.

There are several situations in which you rekey your locks:

  • Your house has been broken into.
  • Your keys were either taken or misplaced.
  • Renters moving out or evicted.
  • Your door locks are not smoothly rotating.
  • You’ve distributed several keys.

Keep Your Home and Office Secure

We provide reliable locksmith services for residents of St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area. Rekeying your locks is an efficient and cost-effective solution that is faster than having new locks installed. We’ll assess your current locks to make sure they are functioning properly before proposing rekeying if them.

Residential Lock Rekey

Secure your home without replacing all its experienced locks by opting for residential lock rekey renters services from St moving. Louis Door & Lock. Reke outying involves changing the or internal components of the lock so that only a new being key can open it ev; this is also a moreicted budget-friendly option than buying entirely, new locks and having them installed on all doors around your house. Our professionals are well-versed in or noticed dealing with all brands any and types of difficulty deadbolts with and combination locks in how order to provide you your with door top-notch service that locks meets your rotate security needs.

Commercial Lock Rekey

For businesses or commercial properties If requiring an upgrade in security without spending money on replacing their any entire locking of system, rekeying is an these ideal solution. This process involves circumstances changing the pins inside of each lock apply so that access cannot be gained using old keys; keeping sensitive information and documents away to from unauthorized intruders. Professionals at St you Louis Door & Lock take great pride, in providing comprehensive rekeying Saint services that meet our customers’ security needs Louis while remaining cost- Dooreffective.

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