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We at St. Louis Door & Lock provide professional results delivered quickly and efficiently!
We’ve got everything covered, from emergency car lockout assistance right through to key fob programming solutions – enabling you full access via remote control just by pressing a button!


Our automotive locksmith services include:

Car Lockout Assistance

Have you ever left standing outside your car, unable to get in? If so, then our locksmith technicians can help. We provide fast and reliable emergency car lockout assistance with the use of modern tools and techniques. Our experienced technicians will open the door without causing any damage.

Car Key Replacement

Do you need a new set of keys? Whether you need a spare set due to loss or breakage, or simply like to replace your current keys, we offer comprehensive car key replacement services. We have the expertise to cut and program keys for any maker and model – ensuring high quality and perfectly function car key replacement.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

If you experience issues with your ignition such as a key that won’t turn or a broken switch, our professionals can quickly diagnose and repair the problem. In more serious cases where repair is not an option, we offer full ignition replacement services to ensure your car starts up promptly and reliably.

Key Fob Programming

As cars become more advanced, so does their security systems. Many vehicles now feature keyless entry systems and electronic key fobs for remote access – which our experts can program correctly for use with the car’s security system.

Car Lock Repair/Replacement

If your locks are worn out, damaged or jammed, then we provide efficient lock repair or replacement solutions at our service center. We work with all types of locks from traditional systems to advanced electronic ones – regardless of make or model you own!

All services are completed with high-quality results delivered within a short amount of time  – total confidence in choosing us as your trusted automotive locksmith provider! So don’t look further than us!

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