Why Your Car Remote Is Not Working?

Have you experienced problems with your car remote when pressing down the button multiple times only to find that it isn’t working?

A car remote is a device which lock and unlock and even start our car but sometimes even the most advanced car remote may stop working. 

There are few reason for your car remote to stop working and to get a better understanding here is an overview on why it can happen.

Dead Remote Batteries

Your car remote is powered by small lithium batteries which have a long lifespan but eventually you will have to replace them. 

If your car remote has weak batteries you won’t be able to send signals to the receiver in your car and it will stop working. 

You can easily replace the dead batteries yourself or ask a professionals locksmith for assistance.

Not Properly Programmed

Your car remote has a transmitter which must be linked to the receiver inside your car. Without the proper programming it wont work. 

If you experience problems even though you replaced the batteries calling an automotive locksmith is the best solution and he would be able to reprogram the remote properly.

Broken Car Keys

A common issue is a damaged key fob because of one or more internal components are damaged beyond repair. 

In the case it is highly recommended to get a replacement and automotive locksmith can cut and program any type and any model correctly.

Other Problems

Keep in mind that problems with the car battery or maybe burned fuse in the electrical car system. In this case we recommend to a professional mechanic take a look and diagnose what is the problem and fix it.