How To Rekey Home Door Lock With a Rekey Kit?

How do you know that someone else does not have a key for your house? If you are not the first occupant then it is entirely possible that there are spare keys out there somewhere!

What if the owner of that key is a less than honest person, and chooses to use it to get into your house and steal your belongings? It has been known to happen, and is very distressing.

It may be that you have lost the keys to your house, and want to change the locks. You may be surprised to know that you can rekey a door lock using a simple kit from a hardware store.

Following these simple steps with a good rekeying kit can save a lot of money, especially if you have multiple doors! Begin with the door unlocked and the key in the lock:

  • First you will need to remove the knob or handle. This is done using a wire tool that enables you to depress a button and slip the knob off. It is supplied within the kit.
  • Next you need to remove the retaining ring; this is the small ring that is used to keep the lock in place, and there is a tool – and instructions – included in the kit. It is simple to use, and takes a few seconds to do.
  • You need to remove the cylinder plug, the core of the cylinder; in the kit you will find a plug remover. This is pushed into the cylinder and forces the plug out of the end.
  • You should take care at this stage not to damage anything. Pressure needs to be kept constant or the small pins and springs – the essentials of the lock – will jump out.
  • Now you need to carefully remove the pins, but make sure the springs do not eject. This is the tricky part of the process and does require a steady hand.

If you do let the springs jump it is not a disaster your kit will include an instruction sheet that will tell you how to reinsert them.

  • Now, you follow the colour coded instructions in the kit and insert the new pins. Use tweezers to carefully drop them into place and you have a rekeyed lock, ready to reinstall.
  • Carefully slip the core back into the cylinder, and perform all the above in reverse to reassemble the lock.
  • What you have done is create a lock that uses a new key thanks to different lengths and order of the pins. It is a delicate process, but it is one that can be done with care and attention.
  • Rekeying kits are not expensive and provide an excellent cost-cutting measure if you are on a tight budget, but only attempt this if you have the time and the patience to succeed.

If you are not sure about doing it yourself, contact an experienced locksmith who will quote you a sensible price for rekeying your locks.