How To Prevent Your Car Locks From Freezing?

Winter can be a difficult time for car owners because of the icy roads and cold temperatures. Rust and corrosion can take their toll on your car and one of the common problem car owners have to deal with during this season is frozen locks.

Lubricate Your Locks

Use WD-40 or a graphite based Lubricants to create a protective layer that prevents water from entering the lock. It’s a great idea to do this as part of your daily routine especially as winter approaches.

Cover Locks During Bad Weather

Protect your locks out of direct snow or rain by covering them with duct tape or a magnetic lock covers. These covers are cheap and can be found at most automotive stores.

Use Lock Deicer

A deicer is a a great solution to quickly melt ice within the lock. It’s compact and light which makes it very easy to carry your winter car care kit. Avoid using water or other liquids because they can quickly freeze and make the problem even worse.

Warm Your Key

If you don’t have a deicer warming your car key with a lighter can be a quick fix. The idea is to transfer heat from the key to the ice inside the lock to melt it enough to turn the key. Don’t overheat the key to prevent any damage to the key itself.

Park in a Garage

Keep your car away from the harsh winter elements by parking it in your garage to reduce the chances of locks freezing.