What To Do When I Lost My House Key?

Lost house keys continue to plague today’s homeowners. Such situations are always unexpected and seem to arise at the worst possible times however, losing your house keys is not the end of the world. The following guide will help you to restore your home’s security and return to your normal life after misplacing your keys.


Getting in Your Home

If you are outside of your house when you lose your keys, your first task should be to determine how to gain entry to your abode. Check all windows and doors for a possible opening.

If you left spare keys with a friend or family member, give them a call to see if they can open your door for you. When all else fails, you can always contact a locksmith to force the lock open for you.

If you are already inside your house when you realize that you have misplaced your keys, unlock your doors immediately to prevent an accidental lockout before proceeding to the next step.

Securing Your Home

The most potent threat associated with losing your house keys is compromised security. If a crook located your keys and somehow matched them to your residence, you and your family would be vulnerable to whatever crimes he or she chose to commit. Therefore, after losing your house keys, you should immediately take steps to secure your locks.

Most commonly, people who have lost their keys simply have their locks rebuilt. A Sacramento locksmith can restructure most typical locks with relative ease. However, if your locks are in poor condition or cannot be rekeyed, it is a wise decision to replace them altogether.

Be sure that you attend to all locks that can be opened with your lost key. During the rebuilding or replacement process, you might want to consider installing different locks for all doors in order to optimize security. Your local locksmith can provide you with cost information and advice regarding the safety of your home.


Preparing for the Future

All homeowners should take precautions to minimize potential dangers associated with losing their keys. By preparing for such situations, you can save yourself copious amounts of stress and quickly restore your home to a secure state.

First of all, you should always create extra copies of your house keys. Leave at least one or two sets with trusted friends or family members and store a set in a safe location inside your home. Some people also elect to hide a key outside of their house however, if you choose to do this, be sure that the key is as concealed as possible and is not stored in an obvious location (for example, under the doormat).

You should also ensure that your local locksmith’s contact information is always available to you. For example, you can save your locksmith’s number in your cell phone or keep the company’s business card in your wallet. Should you lock yourself out of your home, you will need this contact information in order to regain entry.