What To Do When I Lost My House Key?

When you lose your keys the important thing us to stay comb and to take the necessary steps to restore your home security.

here are several steps you need take to efficiently resolve the issue:

Stay Calm

Check all your pockets, bags and retraces your steps. Often, keys turn up in places you’ve already checked when you take a moment to calm down.

Contact Someone with a Spare Key

If you live with family members or roommates contact them to see if they can come and help you get in.

Look for Unlocked Windows or Doors

Only try this if it’s safe enough to do so without injuring yourself. It’s not recommended to break the law in any way.

Call a Locksmith

If all of the above doesn’t work call a professional locksmith. They can help you gain entry to your home without damaging your door.

Change Your Locks

Once you’r back inside it might be wise to change your locks or to rekey them especially if you think your lost key felt into the wrong hands. This is highly important if your keychain had identifying information that could lead someone to your home.

Take Preventative Measures

  • Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor.
  • Invest in smart locks that allow you to unlock your door with a code or with your phone instead of regular key.
  • Attach a Bluetooth key finder to your keychain that way you can easily locate your keys using your phone.