Wall Safe At Your House

Having a wall safe in your house is a one of the best way to secure your valuable items.

Here are some considerations you should take into account:

Choosing the Right Wall Safe

Size and Capacity

Think good about what you plan to store in the safe. It is important to choose one that fits your needs.

Lock Type

Wall safes come with different lock types including traditional key and digital keypads. For higher security you can find biometric locks that use fingerprints.

Fire and Water Resistance

Look for safes that offer protection against fire and water damage and check the how long it can withstand these elements.

Construction Features

The safe should have strong construction like thick steel walls. Consider safes with hidden hinges that activate if someone try to break in.

Points For Wall Safe Installation


Choose a discreet location for your safe. It’s common to install wall safes behind doors or inside closets to keep them hidden. The whole point of a wall safe is to provide security without being obvious.

Size and Capacity

Wall safes are generally smaller and have less depth compared to free standing safes so choose wisely the right one for you.


Wall safes need to be securely anchored between the studs in your wall. It’s important to make sure that it does not interfere with electrical wiring or plumbing and while some homeowners try to install it themselves it is recommended to avoid causing any damage to your home.


The cost of wall safes can change widely based on brand, size and the security features.