How To Rekey Home Door Lock With A Rekey Kit?

Lock rekey can be a simple process and it can save you a lot of money instead of changing locks especially when you have multiple doors.

You Will Need:

  • A rekeying kit

  • A small screwdriver

  • The current key

  • A new key

Here are the steps to help you efficiently rekey your lock:

Remove the Doorknob or Deadbolt

First you will have to remove the lock. Unscrew and remove the doorknob or deadbolt from the door.

Take Out the Cylinder

Once the lock is removed take out the cylinder of its casing. This typically requires the current key to turn the lock slightly, align it with the insertion tool to release the cylinder.

Remove the Cylinder Retainer Ring

Use a retainer ring tool or a small screwdriver to remove the retainer ring from the cylinder. .

Take Out the Plug

Insert the key into the cylinder and turn it to align the pins. Use the plug follower to push the plug out of the cylinder. Be careful to keep everything in order because the pins and springs can easily fall out.

Replace the Pins

Your rekeying kit came with different colored pins to match a different key cuts. Match the new key with new pins and insert them into the cylinder plug.

Reassemble the Lock

Once the new pins are in place carefully insert the plug back into the cylinder. Make sure the key turns smoothly in the lock and only then reattach the cylinder retainer ring. 

Place the cylinder back into the lock housing and reassemble the doorknob or deadbolt onto the door.

Test the New Key

Make sure the new key works smoothly with the lock and that the lock functions properly in the door.