How To Rekey Home Door Lock With A Rekey Kit?

Rekeying your home door lock is a simple process that can save significant money, especially when you have multiple doors. This procedure involves using a rekeying kit which contains all the necessary tools to do so. Here are the steps to help you efficiently rekey your lock:

Start With the Door Unlocked and Key in the Lock

First, you need to remove the knob or handle of the door. The rekeying kit comes with a wire tool that enables you to depress a button and slip off the knob.

Remove Retaining Ring

The small retaining ring is what keeps the lock in place and needs to be removed as well. Again, this kit provides an easy-to-use tool for this purpose which should take only a few seconds to do.

Remove Cylinder Plug

The cylinder plug is at the core of the cylinder and needs to be taken out as well. The kit comes with a plug remover that needs to be pushed into it in order force it out from one end.

Be Careful Not To Damage Anything

It is important to be extra careful at this stage as there are small pins and springs present inside which might jump out if too much pressure is applied. If this were to happen, use the instructions provided in the kit on how to properly reinsert them back in place.

Carefully Remove Pins

You will now need tweezers or needle nose pliers to carefully remove each pin from their respective positions while making sure that none of their spring ejects out with them.

Follow Color Coded Instructions For Inserting New Pins

Once all pins are removed, follow color coded instructions included within your rekeying kit carefully for inserting new ones into different lengths and orders. Make sure not to miss any pin or its corresponding spring in order for everything to function correctly later on once reassembled again.

Slip Core Back Into Cylinder

After inserting all pins, carefully slip back core into cylinder and start reversing all above steps for putting everything together again until reaching back at Step 1 – unlocking your door once more with a new key!

Consider Professional Assistance

Rekeying kits may not be expensive but they require plenty of patience and time before successfully achieving results – something that might not always be available! If unsure about doing it yourself, contact an experienced local locksmith who can quote you a reasonable price for helping you out with these procedures.